Name Alma
Gender Mare (Female)
Species Horse
Titles Lead Mare
Appearances and Mentions Spirit of the West
Voice Actor(s) None
Love Interest(s)/Mate(s) Unknown
Relations Mother of Esperanza;Grandmother of Spirit

Alma is the mother of Esperanza and the brief leader of their herd before she integrates the group with Strider's herd.


Alma is described as a delicate beauty with copper eyes and a lovely face.

Alma's Description

Her pelt was golden like her daughter's, but her mane, tail and legs were as black as night. Her daughter harbored a cream mane. She appears to resemble her grandson much in appearance.


Alma's personality, from what is available, is not thoroughly explored. She is simply described as determined and stubborn.

In Spirit of the WestEdit

After the herd's leaders die, Alma takes on six horses and leads in their places. Three break off along the way, leaving only Willow Aspen and Midnight to travel with them.

Eventually, Alma finds a larger herd, and in desperate need of protection, merges with them.