Name Esperanza
Gender Mare
Species Horse
Titles Lead Mare
Appearances and Mentions Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Spirit of the West
Voice Actor(s)
Love Interest(s)/Mate(s) Strider
Relations Daughter of Alma; Mate of Strider; Mother of Spirit

Esperanza is the mare that is Spirit's mother.


Esperanza is a palomino with two white stockings on her back legs, and a white blaze. She has the outline of a typical mustang except is more filled in, suggesting that her herd finds good grazing throughout the year. She is slightly stocky, muscular, with a beautiful head and curved back.


Esperanza is a free-spirited, sweet, slightly bossy, kind, gentle, calm and caring mother and boss mare. She has a quiet confidence in herself and a knowledge of the range that encourages the other mustangs to follow her. She is also very cautious with looking after her son, warning him not to go after the strange thing that appears in their land. After her son is captured, she wants to help him, but he encourages her to take the herd and leave. She realizes she has no choice.


In The FilmEdit

In the film, Esperanza first appears in labor as she brings a foal into the world, which turns out to be a colt; Spirit. As he and the other foals grow, her and the herd put up with their crazy antics, Spirit's especially, until he becomes an adult and takes over the herd.

She is very proud she has raised a strong and responsible leader, but something strange comes to the land that night, after Spirit rescues the two foals from the cougar. Beckoned over by her son, she wants him to ignore it and stay, but Spirit insists.

Her son returns, seemingly untouched, believing he lost the humans, but they all flee in fear when the humans catch up to Spirit, who has lead them straight to his herd. She tries feebly to rescue Spirit when he is finally roped, but Spirit stops her and tells her to turn and take the herd to safety. She turns to the herd in sadness to lead them away, leaving Spirit captive.

She is last seen happily approaching him when he returns with his new mate, Rain.

In Spirit of the WestEdit

As a filly, the Lead Mare and Stallion die, leaving the Herd decimated. Her mother, Alma, takes over and attempts to get to better terrain with the six other horses. They had no stallion, thus they were more likely to split up, so six turn to three: Midnight, Aspen, Willow. Unfortunately, Alicia, Esperanza's best friend, is amongst the mares that seperate.

Esperanza is particulary worried about Midnight, an older mare that slowed them all down. Alma decides to integrate with a larger herd for more protection. Here, Esperanza meets various horses her age, and the one named Strider takes a particular liking to her. He makes the filly suspicious, however, and she avoids him as much as possible. When he protects her from possible danger, however, and Esperanza realizes that he has no intentions to harm her. They become inseparable friends. A violent thunderstorm shakes the land and scatters the herd. The golden filly and black colt are alone. They set off to find a place of their own where they can live in freedom together. As they travel, they learn to deal with one another's flaws. Strider is proud and sometimes overprotective. Esperanza is bossy and a bit suspicious. Nevertheless, they discover that they can work together in order to survive. Strider's protectiveness saves Esperanza from harm more than once. Esperanza's bossiness finds Strider water and grazing land.

As they endure many hardships, the two grow even closer. They are affectionate, loving, and playful toward one another, but also fiercely inseparable. Eventually, they find a wide valley that they decide to call home.