Name Strider
Gender Stallion (Male)
Species Horse
Titles Lead Stallion
Appearances and Mentions Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (Mentioned), Spirit of the West
Voice Actor(s) None
Love Interest(s)/Mate(s) Esperanza
Relations Mate of Esperanza; Father of Spirit

Strider is the mate of Esperanza, beforehand her playmate when she was still a filly. He never makes an appearance in the movie, but is Spirit's father.


Strider's coat is black with no markings. He has dark brown hooves and milky brown eyes, like Spirit and Esperanza. Esperanza describes his coat as shining blue when in the sun. He is slender and muscular.


Strider is much like Spirit, fierce and very protective of the herd, as well as responsible. As a colt with Esperanza, he is caring and slightly playful, but alert. He and Esperanza seem to be very affectionate of one another. Strider also has a sense of dignity and pride that Esperanza humbles a bit.


In the FilmEdit

Strider doesn't seem to physically appear in the film, although there are many black horses that could be him that do. Spirit mentions him when he grows into a full adult, and the manner in which he is mentions seems to suggest Strider was deceased.

In Spirit of the WestEdit


Strider's mention.

In Spirit of the West, the old Lead Mare and Stallion have perished, leaving the Herd mostly desolated. Esperanza and her mother, Alma, along with a few other horses, join Cedar's herd. Strider immediately falls for Alma's golden filly. He watches her from afar, nickers, and attempts to graze beside her. His affections are not returned until he shows an act of bravery. He and Esperanza become close friends. A storm strikes, scattering the herd, leaving him and her alone to fend for themselves. Strider blocks the filly' every move to return to the herd. She gradually ceases resisting, and they set off to find a place where they can live freely and be themselves. Strider is extremely protective of Esperanza, more than once putting himself in harm's way for her. She humbles his pride by taking the lead one day and finding water in the direction that he believed to have none. After enduring many hardships, the two find a beautiful grassland that they decide to call home.